596,523 hours left - 0 bytes/sec

Not a bug really… but what is so special about 596,523 hours? 64 bit computer? Just wondered.

where are you seeing this?

My guess is snap install when the snap is getting downloaded (or snap download). The reported speed is sometimes funny.

I don’t think anything in snapd itself would print 596,523 hours left :slight_smile: that’s why I ask

In nautilus, the file manager. The transfer time sometimes takes some time to calculate, so it says that number. Just wondered if there was anything special about it, like its a multiple of 256 in some way, or something.

is this related to snapcraft in some way I’m not seeing?

Not really. I was just wondering if it was in any way related to 64 bit computers?

Probably not, as it’s 2³¹ seconds