500 Internal Server error on snapcraft.io

I have already released a snap and when I am trying to update the contact information fields from snapcraft.io listing page, I get the following error

Looking into browser requests, I see that the POST request to https://snapcraft.io/indicus/listing failed with 500.

Request details

  • x-hostname: snapcraft-io-65b57d88cf-b984w
  • x-request-id: 380e44b71a249214a3255ebbf4707b4a
  • date: Fri, 21 Apr 2023 13:31:15 GMT

Also, I tried to add the contact information directly to snapcraft.yaml file and these 2 fields are still blank after a snap release.


Obviously very late to this thread, but this should be resolved. There was an issue with errors not propagating to the frontend properly.