3G USB Modems compatible with modem-manager snap on ubuntu-core?

Are there any known 3G USB modems that are compatible with the modem-manager snap on ubuntu-core right out of the box? I’m currently using a Huawei E3372, which does not show up in the modem-manager list.

Iirc Huawei E3372 shows as an ethernet device, and it can be actually managed as any other ethernet device, so you do not really need mm. You can configure APN and the like via http, as the device shows up as a gateway in the ethernet subnet.

This sort of behaviour is typical these days for modem dongles oriented to desktop usage. The modems that are supported by the snap are the same as upstream MM in general.

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from a driver POV all officially supported images (amd64, pi2/3 and dragonboard) use the same kernels as the normal Ubuntu distro, so all modems supported on a classic Ubuntu install should technically also have a driver in Core available.

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Yes, it has this HiLink mode which provides a ethernet device and a web interface for configuration. In my particular use case the modem will be used on a headless device. The end user should not need to configure it.

There’s a problem though. When the modem is inserted it starts in a storage mode which contains some sort of driver install for Windows. Basically ZeroCD.

My solution for now has been to create a snap which monitors when this particular modem’s vendor and product id are recognized by the device and switches it to “modem”-mode and configures the ethernet device using a interface.d rule. This seems incredibly over-complicated and fragile, which is why it would be great to have a modem that basically configures itself via modem-manager and sets up a connection with network-manager automatically.

@pwik for real modems that allow AT commands/MBIM interfaces or the like, you can try some Telit or Sierra ones, like Telit LE910 or Sierra HL8548.