2023.03 track creation for coq-prover

Dear Snapcraft Team,

we are about to release version 2023.03 of coq-prover and would like to open a track called 2023.03.

A few notes:

  • this track was planned for March, but has been delayed until today because OS build issues popped up faster than we could fix them for a while (Coq Platform is supported as snap and on Windows and Mac, which can be a pain). We want to keep this name anyway, because it relates to the release date of Coq itself.

  • Coq Platform is the official distribution of the Coq Theorem Prover and released about every 6 months. The release is not compatible with previous releases, so a new track is desirable to avoid unintended updates.

Best regards,


P.S. Enrico Tassi, the previous maintainer, used to CC @roadmr - please let me know if this helps or if you see such requests anyway.


The 2023.03 has been successfully created. No need, to CC roadmr anymore though; we see such requests anyway.



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