2018.2 track for JetBrains IDE


Could you please create 2018.2 tracks for the list of JetBrains IDEs:

  • clion
  • datagrip
  • goland
  • intellij-idea-community
  • intellij-idea-ultimate
  • pycharm-educational
  • pycharm-community
  • pycharm-professional
  • phpstorm
  • rubymine
  • webstorm

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Hello again :slight_smile:

The request is for a snap which has already had tracks created, and for which the new request is consistent with previous ones for the same snap in semantics and cadence.

As such, and per the known process, I am granting the request for tracks 2018.2 since the snaps all have consistent, existing tracks and the new request conforms to the previous ones.

These have just been created and can be used immediately.


  • Daniel

Thank you, Daniel! :slight_smile:

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