2.x and 3.x tracks for the `charm` snap


The charm-tools for building and maintaining reactive charms is evolving and we are in need of tracks to help support current users migration onto the next major release. The new release contains important changes to allow it to be used with charmcraft and the reactive plugin.

To help with this we need new tracks for the snap named charm:

track purpose
2.x Core18 base, builds wheelhouse from Python distributed with the snap, legacy charm store client.
3.x Core22 base, builds wheelhouse from Python in build environment, no charm store client.

Note that for anyone developing new charms the preferred approach is to use the ops framework.

Hi, I’m +1 to creating these tracks, the stated purpose makes sense to keep both builds which support different workflows and charm repositories separate.

  • Daniel

Discussing with the snap’s maintainers, the tracks are required to release critical bug-fixes to the charm snap - given the valid and critical justification I’m waiving the waiting period and I have created the tracks.

  • Daniel