1.9 and 1.10 tracks for Anbox Cloud snaps


for the current release 1.9 and for the upcoming 1.10 release for the Anbox Cloud snaps I would like to request the following tracks:

  • 1.9
  • 1.10

These should be created for the following snaps:

  • ams
  • ams-node-controller
  • anbox-stream-agent
  • anbox-stream-gateway
  • anbox-cloud-dashboard
  • aar
  • anbox-cloud-appliance
  • anbox-cloud-tests



I’m surprised the Anbox Cloud snaps didn’t already have any tracks :scream:

Can you detail a bit why tracks are needed here? Are these releases backwards-incompatible (usually meaning that people on 1.9 would have a good reason to want to stay on that release and not upgrade to 1.10 automatically). Also, what’s the release cadence for Anbox? (If you have a document explaining your release schedule/cadence I’m happy to go read it).

Thanks and sorry for the bother - we can create the tracks once we’ve allowed a few days for other reviewers to also comment.

  • Daniel

Hey Daniel,

we do not want force upgrade our users from one version to another as there are various aspects next to just the snaps involved (charms etc). Providing them a path to keep on 1.9 for a bit longer until they are ready to migrate to the newer versions is what the intend to do here. This is pretty similar to what LXD offers.

We have a three months release cadence for Anbox Cloud. Public roadmap is available on https://anbox-cloud.io/docs/roadmap

No problem, happy to explain this to provide more insight if needed.


Hi, thanks for the explanation. I’m +1 on creating these tracks.

@reviewers could someone else please comment on this request? Thanks!

  • Daniel

+1 from me too - this seems like standard use of tracks.

+1 from me as well for the creation of these tracks.

Sorry for the delay, tracks 1.9 and 1.10 are now available for all 8 Anbox Cloud snaps.

  • Daniel

Thanks a lot Daniel!

@roadmr For some reason I forgot to add the amc snap into the list above. Can you add both tracks for that one too? Thanks!

amc done as well, enjoy!

  • Daniel