0ad snap fails to launch

I just installed the ‘0ad’ snap and it fails to launch, here are the info

TIMER| InitVfs: 1.61189 ms
Writing the mainlog at /home/fazel/snap/0ad/220/.config/0ad/logs/mainlog.html
TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 1.77951 ms
Sound: AlcInit success, using OpenAL Soft
TIMER| shutdown ConfigDB: 0.321 us
TIMER| resource modules: 2.958 ms
TIMER TOTALS (9 clients)
  tc_pool_alloc: 0 c (0x)
  tc_png_decode: 0 c (0x)
  tc_dds_transform: 0 c (0x)
  tc_transform: 0 c (0x)
  tc_plain_transform: 0 c (0x)
  tc_ShaderGLSLLink: 0 c (0x)
  tc_ShaderGLSLCompile: 0 c (0x)
  tc_ShaderValidation: 0 c (0x)
  xml_validation: 0 c (0x)
TIMER| shutdown misc: 767.213 us
TIMER| InitVfs: 190.169 ms
Writing the mainlog at /home/fazel/snap/0ad/220/.config/0ad/logs/mainlog.html
TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 1.8032 ms
Sound: AlcInit success, using OpenAL Soft
libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found
libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
X Error:  GLXBadContext
  Request Major code 152 (GLX)
  Request Minor code 6 ()
  Error Serial #112
  Current Serial #111
UserReport.cpp(516): Assertion failed: "!m_Worker"
Assertion failed: "!m_Worker"
Location: UserReport.cpp:516 (~CUserReporter)

Call stack:

(0x55555d3a7aee) /snap/0ad/220/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x5a7aee) [0x55555d3a7aee]
(0x55555d34d401) /snap/0ad/220/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x54d401) [0x55555d34d401]
(0x55555d34f48e) /snap/0ad/220/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x54f48e) [0x55555d34f48e]
(0x55555d0d36d3) /snap/0ad/220/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x2d36d3) [0x55555d0d36d3]
(0x7f7823945161) /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(+0x43161) [0x7f7823945161]
(0x7f782394525a) /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(+0x4325a) [0x7f782394525a]
(0x7f7825ae7888) /snap/0ad/220/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libX11.so.6(+0x40888) [0x7f7825ae7888]
(0x7f7825ae79ba) /snap/0ad/220/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libX11.so.6(_XError+0x11a) [0x7f7825ae79ba]
(0x7f77ef1bccf2) /snap/0ad/220/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libGLX_indirect.so.0(+0x36cf2) [0x7f77ef1bccf2]
(0x7f77ef1ba273) /snap/0ad/220/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libGLX_indirect.so.0(+0x34273) [0x7f77ef1ba273]
(0x7f77ef1ba3c2) /snap/0ad/220/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libGLX_indirect.so.0(+0x343c2) [0x7f77ef1ba3c2]
(0x7f77ef1ba72e) /snap/0ad/220/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libGLX_indirect.so.0(+0x3472e) [0x7f77ef1ba72e]
(0x7f78236d53d3) /snap/0ad/220/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libGLX.so.0(glXCreateContext+0x33) [0x7f78236d53d3]
(0x7f78285b15fe) /snap/0ad/220/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libSDL2-2.0.so.0(+0xcb5fe) [0x7f78285b15fe]
(0x7f7828584746) /snap/0ad/220/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libSDL2-2.0.so.0(+0x9e746) [0x7f7828584746]
(0x7f78285868e4) /snap/0ad/220/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libSDL2-2.0.so.0(+0xa08e4) [0x7f78285868e4]

errno = 0 (?)
OS error = ?

AL lib: (EE) alc_cleanup: 1 device not closed
(C)ontinue, (S)uppress, (B)reak, Launch (D)ebugger, or (E)xit?

snap info:

→ snap info 0ad
name:      0ad
summary:   Real-time strategy game of ancient warfare
publisher: Wildfire Games (play0ad✓)
store-url: https://snapcraft.io/0ad
contact:   https://launchpad.net/~osomon
license:   unset
description: |
  **0 A.D.** (pronounced “zero-ey-dee”) is a free, open-source, historical
  Real Time Strategy (RTS) game currently under development by Wildfire
  Games, a global group of volunteer game developers. As the leader of an
  ancient civilization, you must gather the resources you need to raise a
  military force and dominate your enemies.
  “0 A.D.” is a time period that never actually existed: In the usual
  calendar, one goes from 1 B.C. to 1 A.D. and skips zero. This reflects the
  historical fiction in the game: Who would have won if all the factions
  were pitted against each other when each of them was at its prime?
  We intend to portray some of the major civilizations over the millennium
  of 500 B.C. to 500 A.D. (Hence the midpoint, zero.) That is an ambitious
  prospect, so in the first edition of 0 A.D. we focus on the last five
  centuries B.C. Perhaps in future expansion packs, more civilizations will
  be added, along with additional gameplay features.
  We put a strong emphasis on historical accuracy while developing 0 A.D. We
  plan all our units and all our buildings based on reconstructions of how
  the units and the buildings might have looked like in the ancient world.
  We even name them in the original languages, such as Greek and Latin. But
  it’s worth remembering that any game should be fun to play, so, in many
  cases, we preferred playability over historical accuracy.
  - 0ad
  - 0ad.atlas
snap-id:      LPDZP2jWsSizNHoWrJnckPzVuNm8p2Ur
tracking:     latest/stable
refresh-date: today at 10:38 +0430
  latest/stable:    0.0.24b-alpha          2021-06-18 (220) 1GB -
  latest/candidate: 0.0.25-rc5-25848-alpha 2021-08-04 (233) 1GB -
  latest/beta:      0.0.25-rc5-25848-alpha 2021-08-04 (233) 1GB -
  latest/edge:      trunk~25844            2021-08-02 (231) 1GB -
installed:          0.0.24b-alpha                     (220) 1GB -
→ snap --version
snap    2.51.3+git3099.5e7b642b~ubuntu16.04.1
snapd   2.51.3+git3099.5e7b642b~ubuntu16.04.1
series  16
ubuntu  20.04
kernel  5.8.0-55-generic

i’m sure @oSoMoN would like to know about this …

(it is curious that you have a ~ubuntu16.04.1 snapd version installed on 20.04 though)

Thanks for the report @Fazel.
As pointed out by @ogra, the snapd version looks suspicious. Can you share the output of snap info snapd ?

Other than that, on what hardware (CPU, GPU) are you running the snap? Which graphics drivers?

snap info snapd

→ snap info snapd
name:      snapd
summary:   Background service that manages and maintains installed snaps
publisher: Canonical✓
store-url: https://snapcraft.io/snapd
license:   GPL-3.0+
description: |
  **Note: you do not need to install _snapd_ manually if you already have
  _snap_ installed.**
  Snaps are app packages for desktop, cloud and IoT that update
  automatically, are easy to install, secure, cross-platform and
  dependency-free. They're being used on millions of Linux systems every
  Alongside its various service and management functions, snapd:
  - provides the _snap_ command that's used to install and remove snaps and
  interact with the wider snap ecosystem
  - implements the confinement policies that isolate snaps from the base
  system and from each other
  - governs the interfaces that allow snaps to access specific system
  resources outside of their confinement
  For general details, including _installation_ and _Getting started_ 
  guides, head over to our _Snap documentation_: https://snapcraft.io/docs
  If you want to build your own snaps, start with our _Creating a snap_
  documentation: https://snapcraft.io/docs/creating-a-snap
  **Get involved**
  This is an _open source_ project and we warmly welcome community
  contributions, suggestions, and constructive feedback. If you're
  interested in contributing, please take a look at our _Code of Conduct_
  - to report an issue, please file _a bug report_
  (https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+filebug) on our _Launchpad issue
  tracker_ (https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/)
  - for suggestions and constructive feedback, create a post on the
  _Snapcraft forum_ (https://forum.snapcraft.io/c/snapd)
  - to build snapd manually, or to get started with snapd development, see 
  **Get in touch**
  We're friendly! We have a community forum at https://forum.snapcraft.io
  where we discuss feature plans, development news, issues, updates and
  troubleshooting. You can chat in realtime with the snapd team and our
  wider community on the _#snappy_ IRC channel on _libera.chat_
  For news and updates, follow us on _Twitter_
  (https://twitter.com/snapcraftio) and on _Facebook_
  The snapd source code can be found on GitHub:
type:    snapd
snap-id: PMrrV4ml8uWuEUDBT8dSGnKUYbevVhc4
  latest/stable:    2.51.3                  2021-07-29 (12704) 33MB -
  latest/candidate: 2.51.3                  2021-07-20 (12704) 33MB -
  latest/beta:      2.51.3                  2021-07-14 (12704) 33MB -
  latest/edge:      2.51.3+git1211.g33e0ed6 2021-08-09 (12856) 42MB -

Host Hardware:

Host: Aspire A515-51G V1.06
CPU: Intel i5-7200U (4) @ 3.100GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620

Driver : Nvidia metapackage from nvidia-driver-460

is that a copy/paste error ? it seems to be missing the last line, here is how the end of the output should look like:

refresh-date: 12 days ago, at 12:31 CEST
  latest/stable:    2.51.3                  2021-07-29 (12704) 33MB -
  latest/candidate: 2.51.3                  2021-07-20 (12704) 33MB -
  latest/beta:      2.51.3                  2021-07-14 (12704) 33MB -
  latest/edge:      2.51.3+git1211.g33e0ed6 2021-08-09 (12856) 42MB -
installed:          2.51.3                             (12704) 33MB snapd

it’s also missing the refresh-date line which, combined with no installed line, suggests that snapd isn’t installed via the snapd snap.

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@Fazel please provide the output from:

apt-cache policy snapd


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Snap is installed by apt since my Ubuntu is an update from 16.04 to 20.04.
Here is the info:

→ apt-cache policy snapd
  Installed: 2.49.2+20.04
  Candidate: 2.49.2+20.04
  Version table:
 *** 2.49.2+20.04 500
        500 http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal-updates/main amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
     2.48.3+20.04 500
        500 http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal-security/main amd64 Packages
     2.44.3+20.04 500
        500 http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal/main amd64 Packages
        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal/main amd64 Packages

what does snap info core show (just the last lines should be fine)