0ad: please create the track "alpha 0.0.26 release candidate"

@oSoMoN Please add the latest release candidate of 0ad alpha 0.0.26 to the Snap for 0ad. The download links are continually updated in the first post of this thread on the Wildfiregames forum.

I think that it would be fine to replace the channels latest/candidate or latest/beta with version a26 rc2, or whatever the latest release candidate is.

Many users have requested a precompiled Linux binary of the alpha 0.0.26 release candidate so that they can participate in the large-scale playtesting of the release candidate.


This is now available in the beta channel:

snap install 0ad --beta


snap refresh 0ad --beta

I realize this is too late for that large-scale playtest round, but hopefully it will be useful for future rounds.

Thanks for adding it. Yes, it will be useful for future rounds of the large-scale playtesting.

You have also noticed that a new release candidate was published by upstream as rc3, and it’s already present in this Snap. That’s great!

The only other request that I have at this time is to please inform users that you’re the administrator of the Snap for 0ad and provide various means of contact. I had to search the Snapcraft forum to find out that you were probably the admin for the Snap, and then I didn’t see a way to PM you, so I created this thread with a mention of your username.