Z1-edgert: Request use of docker interface


z1-edgert snap, from 1stzoom, is a device management service for IoT edge.

One aspect of management services is deploying containerized applications to the edge device, for which we need to use the docker interface. Note that we are not asking for auto-connection of the docker interface. We are only asking for permission to host z1-edgert to the global snap store. The user will still explicitly grant permission to connect to the docker interface, while understanding the security implications for doing so.

With a few minutes of googling, I found a similar request that was approved in the past:

+1 for use of but no auto-connection of the docker interface since this is an optional aspect of the snap’s functionality. There isn’t a lot of detail in on the https://1stzoom.com of the website or the snap.yaml’s description, but the publisher is coming from an @1stzoom.com address (from this requester) and so I’m inclined to believe the optional functionality is needed.

@reviewers - can others please vote?

+1 to use the docker interface (no auto-connection). Use-case makes sense, and product seems legitimate.

Thanks for the votes so far. How many more votes are needed to approve this request?

Pinging the thread to attract attention to this request. Thanks!

+1 from me for use of docker but not auto-connect.

+3 votes for use of but not auto-connect of docker for z1-edgert, this is now live.