Your first robot: A beginner's guide to ROS and Ubuntu Core

Hey everyone. I wanted to let you know that I’ve started a new blog/video series that I’m hoping will help to introduce hobbyists and kids to robotics using ROS and Ubuntu Core. I’ve started this series in the run up to Christmas because the hardware I’m using is cheap enough that I thought it would make a great Christmas present! It probably would have been better if I started it a few weeks ago, but hey-- it’s still before Christmas! Admit it. You guys are last-minute shoppers anyway.

Every bit of hardware being used here adds up to less than $100. It’s good fun, you should check it out! Here’s the blog post, and here’s the video:


Here’s part 2, an introduction to the Robot Operating System (ROS). Video version:


Here’s part 3, getting data out of the controller and into ROS. Video version: