WSL: cannot find installed snap "phpstorm" after reboot


I’m trying to install phpstorm using snap on my WSL Ubuntu.

Don’t know if it’s related to my problem but I had to use ubuntu-wsl2-systemd-script to have a working snap.

Now, Ok, I have a working phpstorm on my Ubuntu. But if I restart my WSL, after restart:

user@DLAPTOP:~$ phpstorm
internal error, please report: running "phpstorm" failed: cannot find installed snap "phpstorm" at revision 250: missing file /snap/phpstorm/250/meta/snap.yaml

Indeed, there is no “meta” folder.

Snap remove phpstorm then install it again, and I get a working phpstorm, folder /snap/phpstorm/250/metais present until the next reboot.

Any advices?