WPS office is not updated


There is no contact on the snap info, so I write here, maybe the creator of the snap, reads.
The version of WPS Offfice “.deb” of the official site is: “wps-office_11.1.0.8722_amd64.deb WPS Office for Linux[2019-07-05]”, the snap is stopped a little time ago “ 2018-09-11”, WPS over time has released 2/3 bugfix releases and improvements.

$ snap info wps-office
name: wps-office
summary: WPS Office Suite
publisher: liuyang8
license: unset
description: |
WPS Office, is an office productivity suite.
WPS Office including Writer, Presentation
and Spreadsheets, is a powerful office suite, which is able to process
word file, produce wonderful slides, and analyze data as well. It is
deeply compatible with all of the latest Microsoft Office file formats.
It can easily open and read the documents created with Microsoft Office.
This is the Linux version, and it’s now a TESTING package.
Welcome to our website: http://wps-community.org
snap-id: fTF2opFpkHPihObSECzYPMyYbVfi9G4u
stable: 2018-09-11 (1) 250MB -
candidate: ↑
beta: ↑
edge: ↑