Winepak Snappy equivalent and docs?


Is there a snap equivalent to project?
Is there a good documentation on snapping windows apps with bundled wine I could look to get me started?
I’d like to try to create a snap of Warmane WoW woltk client if I can figure it out. Also Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro but I think I’m not up to that lvl.


while we dont have explicit documentation, wine based snaps exist for quite a while and the snapcraft.yaml’s for both of the below projects should be accessible to inspect them:

we just didnt make as much fuss about it as the winepak people :wink:


We (myself and @Wimpress) discussed having a template to make it easier. Each Windows application is a little different in terms of requirements. We’re part way there with the TrackMania snap, which is somewhat generic. It could be improved however.

As I see it we really probably want two templates. One for Win32 based WINE and another for 64-bit Wine64. There’s some applications which are ‘pure’ 64-bit and would benefit from being snapped with 64-bit WINE and libs. Some others (like steam) would likely need a more comprehensive snap which has 64-bit and 32-bit libs, because there are things it could install which are unknown architecture now.

Maybe @Wimpress and I will get some time this week to clean up those and make a template or two.


when is the next national holiday in the UK ?


Yes, I’d like to improve the user feedback in the first run and expose DLL overrides via the snapcraft.yaml. Hopefully this week.


@Wimpress make a repo so I can contribute a fix to somelier :-p ($TRICKS is wrapped in quotes which means it doesn’t expand to individual items in for TRICK in $TRICKS - at least that is my understanding of how quotes works in


@daniel Please just submit a fix to tmnationsforever and I’ll propagate elsewhere :slight_smile:


One of my favourite pages on is since that’s invariably what you want to know, and it’s upfront and centre.


Fuss has been made. :wink:

I snapped a Wine application and wrote down every bit of info that I could find in this thread:

I’ve written about a lot of stuff that I’ve just discovered myself, so if I’m wrong about stuff or if it’s missing stuff, let me know!