Wine 3CXClient (Phone App) snap based on tmnationsforver

Hi there,

very cool that building wine applications as a snap now has been addressed. I desperately need the 3cxclient to work for not having to bootup a vm for having a phone call…

However, I forked the project and created a branch for 3cxclient:

When I try to build the snap on CLI, all I get is:

andre@andrefatchip-notebook:~/Entwicklung/Projekte/tmnationsforever/snap$ snapcraft
Failed to pull source: unable to determine source type of 'snap/scripts'.
Check that the URL is correct or consider specifying `source-type` for this part. See `snapcraft help sources` for more information.

Due to this is a non-changed part of the yaml file, I have no clue why this is not working.

Any advises are welcome

OK, I noticed my first fault:

I need to run the snapcraft command inside the folder where the snap folder is…

Let’s see into which trouble I’m running next :wink: