Windows Subsystem for Linux


yes it is still the case for WSL2


I have got snapd running successfully under WSL 2.

It does, however, require the use of one additional tool of mine, and one distinctly unsupported (although hopefully soon to be unnecessary) piece of hackery.

genie ( ) takes care of the systemd blocker by creating a pid namespace “bottle” in which systemd is happy to run as pid 1 (and brings its various services along with it), and taking care of automatically entering it for you.

The hackery - well, at the moment it’s unofficial, but it is possible to recompile and replace the kernel WSL 2 uses. (Instructions here: .) As you can see from the supplied .config, I’ve used this to add squashfs and apparmor support.

With both of those set up, snapd runs just fine:


(With regard to the being unofficial “at the moment”, customizing WSL kernels is being investigated, per ; and squashfs support is in any case arriving in an upcoming Insider build: .)


Excellent! Combine that with an X server and we can start running graphical snaps on Windows!

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The graphical snaps I’ve tried so far (chromium, dwarf-fortress, mqtt-explorer, robo3t-snap, snap-store) all work nicely under WSL with X410. :smiley:


Nice work, I would love to see you work closer with other snapd developers. Perhaps you would consider joining us on free node IRC channel #snappy?


That’s an impressive amount of detective work! awesome!