Why is building a flutter snap so difficult?

I cannot get snapcraft to work. I have made a snap with electron-builder and it was easy. However, snapcraft for flutter is a different story and it failed.

Why does this need to be so complex to do something so simple? I built an AppImage very quickly and because of that, I give up on snaps.

Upon my exit, I ask

  • Why do I need 12gb of free space and 4gb of downloads to build a flutter app on top of my current linux dev environment?
  • Why does flutter need to download again when it is already installed?
  • Why do I need to make a new ubuntu when I have ubuntu already?
  • Why is there such a complex process… can’t we just build something and then package that build?
  • msix, android, and AppImage work seamlessly, and quickly. Somebody else built my ios and macos, so I cannot say.

If you want a platform to succeed, you need the acceptance of the developers. Snap does not have my vote.