Which plugin do you need to connect?

Hello everyone! I try to launch the terminal and/or the application store from my application - nothing happens. What plug do you need to connect for this?

By default, snaps run under strict confinement so are not able to launch other applications on the system. If they rely on some other application they should ship that themselves then they can execute it.

Otherwise there is a Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps where a snap can request to use classic confinement - in this case they are not confined at all and can launch other apps but this requires explicit approval and can only be done when is actually necessary for the snap to function and the snap fits within one of the established categories for classic confinement as outlined in that page.

you forgot to mention that you need to be very advanced in your skillset with understanding of library rpaths and such. Classic confinement isn’t a case of “just make it classic”!

Yes that is very true - since classic snaps run in the host’s root mount namespace they are not isolated for the existing libraries etc on the host and as such you need to be careful to try and ship all required dependencies inside the snap and perhaps set rpath etc so they are used instead of equivalent libraries on the host which may be incompatible and hence cause your snap to misbehave / crash etc.