Which category is appropriate for discussing snap concepts and applicability

I’d like to pose some questions about the suitability of packaging certain types of software as snaps. Its not clear that they fit nicely into the snap architecture as I understand it. Maybe I just misunderstand it.

Its not:

  • snapcraft - or is that really “snap development” by another name - it would fit there if that’s what it means
  • snapd
  • snap - discussing a particular snap
  • store related

well, it is definitely not snapd unless snapd misses a feature to package said software and you want it added … by your description it is also unlikely to be store related…

i would use the snapcraft category if you want the developers of snapcraft to be involved in the conversation or if you are missing a particular feature in snapcraft … otherwise i guess the snap category, being somewhat generic, is the best fit for conceptual discussions…