Week 50 of 2017 in snapcraft


Welcome to the weekly development notes, covering the past two weeks, for snapcraft!



The team wants to say thank you to all the Code-In participants so far, we have seen a plethora of contributions ranging from:

  • fixing bugs in snapcraft picked up from the bug tracker.
  • adding support for type hinting to some python modules.
  • translating tutorials and videos to different languages.
  • creating snaps out of python, node and ruby projects.

Release 2.37

The release notes for 2.37 milestone have been finalized. We invite you to read through them

Release 2.38

Fresh out of the oven, 2.38 milestone has been closed, the code has been tagged and the release notes provide an nice overview of everything that went into it.

The interesting tidbits are,

  • full support for creating classic snaps from dumped binaries.
  • grammar support for sources (you can now pick an architecture).
  • a new plugin, catkin-tools.
  • initial appstream support for information extraction (currently summary and description).

This release can currently be installed from snapcraft’s beta channel,

snap install snapcraft --beta

It is also available as a docker container, read on to learn more about this.
We would appreciate any comments or issues found in this release.

Docker image

A new docker image, built out of the snapcraft snap from edge is no available from dockerhub,
to get it just pull from the beta or edge tag from snapcore/snapcraft,

To pull and use it from beta,

$ docker run snapcore/snapcraft:beta snapcraft --version
snapcraft, version 2.38

To build something, from your project directory,

$ docker run -w $(pwd) -v $(pwd):$(pwd) snapcore/snapcraft:edge snapcraft

Wrapping up

We would like to wish everyone some nice holidays, we will be taking a week break from any active work. Until next year!

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