Using the Snap Store

To access the Snap Store, go to and either create a developer account or login with your developer account credentials.

:information_source: For larger projects and ISVs, it might be useful to also create a brand account in the name of the aroject or company.

After a snap has been created, tested, and released to the Snap Store, the Store’s web interface can be used to perform the following functions:

:information_source: Every device using the Snap Store has access to the same catalogue of software. A Dedicated Snap Store, however, allows vendors running Ubuntu Core and snap-based devices to control exactly what snaps are available, and when.

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I find the name of this page a bit weird. The term “using” in the docs almost always refers to snapd users; the people installing and managing snaps. However, this article is targeted towards publishers, not towards users. They are technically “using” the snap store, but it’s not really consistent with the rest of the docs.

This is how the “releasing your snap” page refers to “using the store”.

See Using the Snap Store for help with making the most of a snap’s store entry, and Release management for controlling which revisions appear on which channels.

Which I interpret as “updating metadata and branding”. I also stumbled upon this page while Googling for recommended screenshot sizes.

So I would propose to change the name of this page to “Metadata and Branding” (I looked at “Updating Metadata and Branding” it is too long: it wraps in the sidebar). It drops the “Snap Store” keyword from the title, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because this metadata will show in every software store supporting snaps, not just the snap store.

@degville, do you agree with the rename to “Metadata and Branding”? If it’s ok with you, I’ll also merge in the relevant content from Getting ready for stable and replace the content there with links to this page.


I just saw the new navigation sidebar and I have a slightly changed proposal:

Given that it’s a big refactor, I don’t want to start it without your input.


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Thanks for looking over the new sidebar, and for your feedback.

I think your idea of splitting out “Metadata, Media” and “Banner” sections from the Store page is a really good one, and will solve the Using the Snap Store page name ambiguity (and leaves room for expansion for when the Store offers more metrics/functionality). :+1:

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