Using "electron-builder -l snap" inside override-build

Should I don’t use parts.<app-name>.override-build in an Electron app if I want to build with electron-builder instead? If I want to still override builds when triggered snapcraft, will things mess up if I include electron-builder -l snap [any-other-options-goes-here] as part of my build overrides?

electron-builder is designed to build the snap for you. Any reason you’re trying to invoke it in snapcraft?

Check out

The reason is the desktop icon, but do desktop icons are bundled when built using Electron Builder instead of using Snapcraft and do some tricks for the desktop icon at override-build and hardcoding my snap/gui/snapname.desktop's Icon into /snap/snapname/current/meta/snapname.png?

electron-builder will set the icon to whatever you have configured in your package.json file as the app icon.

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So, I can comment out the apps.appname.override-build now while keeping my snap/snapcraft.yaml for plugs and stuff?