Use the wifi to connect the ubuntu store


May I use the wifi to connect the ubuntu store instead of Ethernet when starting the UbuntuCore at the first time?


Sure, at least on all boards apart from the pi3 where we have a longstanding driver issue on first boot … here is the bug for this.

(in summary: on a Pi3, you need to reboot once after wlan setup fails, then it will work)


The issue of pi3 is the same as my orangepi zero. Almost exactly the same.


Do you actually have a working driver for the pi zero ?

AFAIK there is only a semi working out of tree (very low quality) driver for the xradio/cw1200 chip that will have random disconnects and package drops, so this isnt actually a surprise …

Unless you have a Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 i fear there wont be much help (Xunlong switched to the AP6212 for WiFi in all later iterations of the HW, so the chances that someone fixes the abandoned xradio code arent actually big)


You are right, I will make another UbuntuCore Image for different model to test it. Thanks!


BTW… i actually provide orange pi developer images … but without any of the WiFi drivers yet …

The sources for the different gadget snaps are on my github account


Yes, I kenw it few days ago.
Have you used spread to test the OrangePi Zero Image? I am learning how to do it.


nope, i havent yet, very interested in your results :slight_smile:


I made a UbuntuCore image for OrangePi PcPlus whose WIFI is 8189fs.
The driver’s sources is here.

I start the Core without Ethernet the first setup and set the WIFI configure as below.


Stop here all the time.

Then I restart the Core. This time we can see the wlan0 with a IP address.

Next, still stop here all the time.

Then I restart the Core with a wired network.

Maybe the wifi driver also have some problems.


yes, this clearly looks like an OOPS of the wifi kernel driver …


After using a wired network to do the first setup, why can I use the wifi to login the UbuntuCore and connet the Internet?


even wifi ? i understood that above as “only wired network works”


Sorry, I have corrected the question.