Use RUST 1.72.0 inside snap file

I need a Rust version equivalent to or superior to 1.70, but using:

      - rustc=1.72.0

or any variants are not working, The core version is Core 22; I have not found any documentation about how to set this package version.

Try in this way, used here

Thank you. I’ll try.

There have been some big improvements to the rust plugin on the snapcraft edge channel. This includes a new keyword for the rust plugin, rust-channel.

You should be able to use it like this in your snapcraft.yaml:

    plugin: rust
    rust-channel: "1.70"

How can we use these for snaps that uses rust but uses Meson/Make/CMake as plugins?

If I understand you correctly, you should be able to do this using the snapcraft edge channel:

    plugin: rust
    source: .
    rust-channel: "1.70"

    after: [rustup]
    plugin: cmake
    source: .
      - PATH: "${HOME}/.cargo/bin:${PATH}"

I’m not sure if this is the best approach, @liushuyu may have a better idea.

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Uhhhh… thanks! This will simplify things a lot!!!