Use classic mode: intellij-idea-community


I need to have the snap intellij-idea-community accepted in classic mode (it tries to access ~/.IdeaIC2017.2). You can find the snapcraft.yaml here:



Did you try using the “home” interface?

Yes, I did. This allows access to ~ but not to hidden files (aka dotfiles) within ~. But this program needs this.

Please note part of the request for using classic is gathering details on why the snap developer is using classic so we can improve the platform going forward.

In that spirit, is intellij-idea expected to edit arbitrary hidden files in home, just files specific to intellij-idea, or something in between?

It tries to access ~/.IdeaIC2017.2 from all I can tell. Maybe some other things aswell but the application crashes when I try in strict mode. The exact folder depends on the MAJOR.MINOR folder.