Upload banner.jpg of size 1218x240 gives error

While publishing olivia-test snap i was willing to upload a banner art for the snap,
as documented on so many sources that the image need to be named as banner.jpg
or banner.png of size 1218 by 240 i followed the same but failed every time with an error saying need to be 1:2 or 2:1 image.
I also tried to upload image of1 ratio 2 and 2:1 but it then returned 240:480 is not allowed.
is that a known bug or am doing something wrong.
thanks. my image is below.

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I have this problem as well, I think that the Snap Store is currently refactoring and the new branding upload isn’t implemented yet.

For the screenshot dimension restriction: Restrictions on screenshots and videos in snap listings

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I filed an issue at Snap banner and banner icon upload no longer possible · Issue #1668 · canonical-websites/snapcraft.io

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Hello! According to the specification for allowed media properties, banners should have 2:1 aspect ratio and a minimum size of 640x320. This means the “240” dimension of your image is too small. If possible, could you resize it to 640x320 as a minimum and retry the upload?

Do let me know if it still gives trouble.

  • Daniel
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information in link given solved my issue. thanks a tons. :blush:

Just some clarification to this for @keshavnrj

  • The Snap Store (and Gnome Software on Ubuntu) used banner.(jpg|png) sized 1218x240 (1)
  • A proposal for new banner image restrictions was made
  • The spec got written around those restrictions
  • That spec got implemented - which broke( 1)
  • [a few days/ a week] which happens to be when you tried to upload a banner @keshavnrj
  • (1) got reenabled

So while the banners you’ve created @keshavnrj will be the correct size for the “new banner” system (to be implemented by October 2019) they will be of the wrong type (“screenshot” not “banner”) so won’t work.
And they currently won’t work for the Snap Store (and Gnome Software on Ubuntu) because they’re the wrong dimensions.

However as a fix has been released to allow publishers to upload banners the original way:

  1. Name the banner banner.(jpg|png)
  2. Make the banner 1218x240
  3. Name the icon banner-icon.(jpg|png)
  4. Make the banner 240x240
  5. Upload them as screenshots

This will increase chances of your banner being shown in the Snap Store ( and Gnome Software on Ubuntu).

Hope this clarifies things a little.

tl;dr - the error you were receiving was a bug, please upload again the way you tried originally.

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hi, i uploaded banner.png of resolution 1920 by 960 few days ago which was accepted, do i still need to make chnages ??

Yes, despite the acceptance the dimension is not valid for GNOME Software.


I am still seeing this error as of right now

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This should be fixed now @sitter, if you could try again please :slight_smile:?

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Almost there @Lukewh. Now the error is

Legacy banner-icon (banner-icon.png) image height must be below 240 pixels.

when in fact it needs to be <=240 I suppose?

Please say it ain’t so… Will check and update for you @sitter - sorry about this!

Oh, false alert that is about the icon and I hadn’t had enough coffee. Nevermind, sorry for the noise

Fixed now thanks :+1:

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:tada: phew! Glad it was a false alarm!

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