Updating the project

i’m not sure i understand, did you create the install hook as snap/hooks/install ?

what is the red.conf file here in that context ?

I understand rc. conf this should be my installhook, but I probably don’t quite understand how to correctly prescribe it so that it doesn’t work

no, your install hook must be called “install” and needs to be an executable script inside the snap/hooks/ folder in your project dir

do I need to create this directory manually inside my project?

yes, you want the hooks dir next to your snapcraft.yaml in teh snap/ directory … then create the script inside that dir and call it “install” … do not forget to make it executable …

now re-create your .snap and during install it will run the install hook you created …

I apologize for being annoying, I’m just new to using snap.
I created the /snap/hook/install directory inside my project should I move my reg.conf file there
And how to make it executable

your project should look like:


to make a file executable you do:

$ chmod +x /path/to/file

This is all I have to register in my hook configuration