Updating glimpse to match gimp

My goal was to update the glimpse snap to use the most recent versions of babl and gegl. Before, these were submodules in glimpse but now they need to be built as parts and staged, which makes the snap huge (went from 190kb to 170Mb) so I figured that is is a good time to also update the snap to use the gnome-3-34 extension, to hopefully slim things down further. I ran into issues using the extension and eventually implemented essentially exactly what is in snapcrafter’s gimp but now the glimpse snap is really ugly. I’ve tried tweaks here and there and could use another pair of eyes on it.

So @diddledani since you maintain the gimp snap, could you please take a quick look at my changes to the glimpse snap and see if anything stands out to you that I should/should not be doing?

Here’s what the snap looks like:

I re-enabled the 4 sections marked as DISABLED because gtk2-common-themes is available in more architectures now (though not all of them, e.g. i386! cc/ @kenvandine). You’re also adding more environment variables than I am, which might be impacting things. You’re adding these extra ones:

  GTK_PATH: $SNAP/lib/gtk-2.0

yeah, i found yesterday that if i comment these out, there is still no difference (so I guess I don’t need them!). Could it be the hooks that gimp implements that glimpse doesn’t?

I don’t think the hooks should matter, because they’re just to make gimp start a bit faster by caching the locations of all the shared libraries…

Adding the hooks made no difference, as you said. I’m trying again with the gtk-2-engines uncommented… maybe that’s it