Updating daemon snap


I am curious if there is a little more information available about the scheduling of snap updates. Had an issue where a snap was running as a daemon and disconnected from the internet. When internet was restored, it seemed to immediately update the snap.

  1. Is that a mere coincidince, or does snapd detect internet was reconnected and then immediately update out of date snaps?

  2. Is there a way (via a command hook) for a snap to to know its about to update? (or does it just recieve the same command as the ‘stop’ hook)

  3. Is it possible to specify an update window or perhaps defer the update?

I can think of a possible work around by specifiy longer stop time, but was just curious if there were any other features to handle inconvienent auto updates

  1. Not a mere coincidence, snapd will update your snaps if it is able do, see here (for objections, responses, and features that have been grown to help - long topic though).

  2. I don’t know, a snapd dev might do.

  3. Yes, see here, you can set snaps to refresh only once per month (or more) at a particular time(s).

i’ve seen that thread, … its old and long… I am more focused on what is possible “now” rather than up and coming.