Upcoming snap packages for the D programming language

Hello all,

I’m writing from DConf, the annual conference of the D programming language, with some nice news to share: together with some of the core D developers, I’ve set up a store account to publish official packages of the core D language tools.

The packages (and in some cases, package names) are under review for now, but will include:

  • DMD, the reference compiler (plus core helper tools);

  • the DUB package/build manager tool.

The snap package definitions are available at https://github.com/dlang-snaps and automated builds have already been set up on Launchpad.

If I could ask a big favour: it would be really lovely to get speedy review of the uploaded dmd snap packages, since this would give an opportunity for DConf participants to try them out while the conference is on (from today 'til Sunday). No worries if this is not possible, but I’d be really grateful if it is :slight_smile:

Thanks and best wishes (and looking forward to following up with more D work for snapcraft…),

  -- Joe

@evan and @JamieBennett - fyi, this (https://dashboard.snapcraft.io/dev/snaps/7585/rev/1/) is using ‘confinement: classic’). Can someone followup in the store review on this?

@jdstrand thanks so much :slight_smile:

There’s also a reserved-name request for dub, if that’s something it would be possible to address (as always, no problem if time needs to be taken over this).

We already approved a previous snap of Joseph’s and he is clearly working
upstream to make this default. Approving due to that and the fact that this
tool is clearly a good candidate for a classic snap.


This is great news Joseph, thank you for your work on this.

I have approved your upload.

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@JamieBennett thanks so much! Really appreciated.

The i386 package version is still claiming it needs manual review – any chance that could be looked at?

CC @JamieBennett

I took care of it. The snap declaration was updated but the package didn’t get (re-)reviewed.

@jdstrand thanks very much! Really appreciated :slight_smile:

FYI, it seems this part is resolved as I saw the snap in the review queue, so I applied the same review criteria to it as @JamieBennett did for dmd. It is approved now.

@jdstrand yup, all good! Thanks so much to you and @JamieBennett for all the fast help getting all these things set up :slight_smile: