Unexplained mount failure, protocol error, what we know so far


Repeat the failed operation doesn’t work at my end… I end up installing another distro(ezgo 14, based on Kubuntu 18.04) and not encounter the issue since :-/


What was the specific operation that was failing for you? Was it refresh? Installation of snaps? Something else perhaps?


Installation of snaps, unfortunately I rm -rf'ed the entire system and can’t provide more info now.


Which distribution release were you using when this issue was occurring?


It was KDE neon Developer Edition (based on Ubuntu 18.04), not sure the exact release though(might be on the unstable branch) but it’s up-to-date.


We have merged a workaround for this issue into master now (PR was https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6331) - this will be part of the 2.37 release.