Unable to umount snap core

I am on Debian 11 and I would like to uninstall snap. This worked for every snap that was installed:

sudo snap remove name of snap

After having removed all snaps installed with I need to umount snap according to instructions. [0]

sudo umount /snap/core/13308

This fails due to: “umount: /snap/core/13308: das Ziel wird gerade benutzt.” meaning that snap is currently in use.

So how do I make it not being used for me to be able to umount it?

Any help appreciated. Thanks for your time.

[0] https://fedingo.com/how-to-remove-snap-in-ubuntu/

$ sudo apt purge snapd

is the only command you need, it will/should take care of all the rest … (if not, please file a bug on launchpad)

if you manually tinker with bits and pieces of the underlying system and pull out the carpet underneath instead, you likely cause confusion for the implemented bits and will have to keep the broken pieces …

this “doc” page looks like a clickbait page that makes money with plastering as many ads around the wrong instructions as possible …

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Thanks a bunch for you help. This works! Much appreciated! Cool and much easier than expected.

I had a couple of other issues on that server thus I did not come up with this obvious solution. In the heat of the action.

You may be right about that site. Just did a quick and dirty web search and this one looked good somehow.