Ultimate plumber as classic snap

Hi! I’m making a snap of up, a tool used to visualize a preview of a pipe (grep, cut, …)
It’s available on github at: https://github.com/akavel/up
I’m not the developer, but I wanted to make the snap to have an updated version without downloading a prebuilt binary.
It needs classic confinement, to access and use the commands that a user might use in a pipe.
I’d like to know if a classic snap would be accepted before trying to publish it.
At the moment the snap (simply a go build) is available at: https://github.com/LyzardKing/up-snap/blob/main/snap/snapcraft.yaml

Here is the list of criteria for classic snaps:

I think I’ll first upload it as a strict snap, since the most common use (or mine at least) is satisfied with the various cut, sed, … that are available in the base snap.
If I try to reserve the name up I get the “name is reserved” warning.
The snap would be unofficial (but accepted and linked upstream: https://github.com/akavel/up/issues/55)
Should I try and reserve that or change the name?
the full name of the program is “ultimate-plumber”, and the command is up.