UC20: shim file not found in EFI

Hi community,

On the hardware I am working on, I can see the grubx64.efi file:

Shell> fs0:\EFI\boot\grubx64.efi

but cannot find the shim file. After UC20 started up, I find the shim file in gadget folder. We also tried mokutil but it returns:

sudo test-snapd-mokutil --sb-state
This system doesn't support Secure Boot

How does Secure Boot work in UC20? Is this a secure boot in my image? Or we need to copy signed shim and grub file to the EFI partition?


shim is installed as \EFI\boot\bootx64.efi. Is this file not present?

Oh I saw bootx64.efi on the EFI partition of the hardware. For the command returned This system doesn't support Secure Boot, do I need to update the EFI partition with signed bootx64.efi file? Thanks :slight_smile: