UC 20 Snapcraft install issue

Currently encountering an error when trying to install snapcraft in UC 20 in classic mode. It looks like a bad or unresolved tag name. Any hints would be helpful - thanks.

snapcraft err

If you need to run Snapcraft on an Ubuntu Core system, the best option is probably to install the lxd snap, create a container with the appropriate Ubuntu version as a base and install Snapcraft inside the container via snap install --classic snapcraft. It’s likely you’d need to run Snapcraft with the --destructive-mode option, which will leave the container in a dirty state, so you’d probably want to discard the container after the build has completed.

Even if there was a UC20 version of the classic snap, I doubt it would have helped here. The apt package for Snapcraft is essentially just a transition package for installing the snap version, and you’re not going to be able to install classic confinement snaps directly on an Ubuntu Core system.

do you mean you use the “classic” snap (i.e. via “snap install classic” ?) to get into “classic mode” ? if so, james is correct, rather use lxd containers …


Thanks for the blog link!