UbuntuCore deletes Kernel, Gadget, and Device Tree

Hey there,

I have been running UbuntuCore for a while now on my device, but this still confounds me.

Upon either manually pushing the reset button, or telling it to reboot from the command ubuntuCore will get rid of the gadget and kernel snap as well as the device Tree. Is this by design?

Hi, kbo

This is not an expected behavior.

It’s most likely the image did not take care of bootloader logic, so it does not update the booting config to use latest kernel/gadget snap, which caused the device fails to boot. You can find out more details for uboot here.

We will need more information to identify the issue, please share more details of the issue of how you find out the kernel or gadget snaps are missing or tell us which image you are using.

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Thank you for replying.

I built a custom image.

After rebooting the device, the script I used in my environment told me that the snaps in question were missing. I unplugged the sd card and looked at the files in the first partition to confirm this. For some reason uboot was entirely left alone but the snaps were gone.

If you can share the file directory of sd card and your u-boot script, that will help us diagnosis your issue.

also some more details about how exactly you built this image (what ubuntu-image options were used etc), a link to the used model assertion and gadget snap would really help (in case you can provide this)