Ubuntu image - snaps


i am able to create ubuntu image(.img) by this command combining kernel snap and gadget snap.

sudo ubuntu-image -c stable --image-size 700M --extra-snap7s ubuntu-xenial/kernel_4.4.0-1081.86_arm64.snap --extra-snaps dragonboard-gadget/gadget_16.04-0.18_arm64.snap -o ubuntu-core-image-6309-86-server.img 6309.model

  1. is it possible to have these snaps in the .img (alsa-utils, bluez, network-manager in --devmode) , so that i need not install these snaps using snap install
  2. i need the checkbox.conf to be copied by default in the /etc/xdg/ directory in the .img
  3. i had created a laucher to run the checkbox, how to copy this file by default to .img.

After installation of .img from sdcard , snap on the target should have the (checkbox.conf, launcher file, alsa-utils, bluez, network-manger)


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you should be able to define the snaps you want in the “required-snaps” field of the model assertion … but i doubt there is any way to allow/enforce --devmode for preinstalled snaps …

i am able to have the preinstalled snaps by the below method, but after the installation as you had mentioned it was not in --devmode

sudo ubuntu-image -c stable --image-size 700M --extra-snaps ifc6309-kernel_4.4.0-1081.86_arm64.snap --extra-snaps ifc6309-gadget_16.04-0.18_arm64.snap -o ubuntu-core-image-6309-86-server.img 6309.model --extra-snaps checkbox_snap_cfgs/v3/checkbox-snappy_edge_arm64.snap –extra-snaps alsa-utils --extra-snaps bluez --extra-snaps network-manager

is it possible to install in --devmode , is there a way to --extra-snaps checkbox_snap_cfgs/v3/checkbox-snappy_edge_arm64.snap this with “–dangerous --devmode” , otherwise built snap will not be able to run.

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