Ubuntu Frame with Qt6 app - Creating a snap package of a Qt6 app

Hello everyone,

I am developing Qt 6.3.0 application based on webview. I would like this application to launch at the start of a device with Ubuntu 22.04 OS in Kiosk mode thanks to Ubuntu Frame.

This application launches perfectly if I launch Ubuntu Frame from the command line:

export WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-99


QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland player

player” being my Qt6 application

If I follow some tutorials, I think I need to create a snap package of my application to launch it as a daemon with Ubuntu Frame.

I need you to confirm to me that all this is possible:

  • Am I required to create a snap package?

  • Can I create a snap package of a Qt6 application and run it as a daemon with Ubuntu Frame?

  • Is there a tutorial or an example describing the steps to run this Qt6 application with Ubuntu Frame (so far I’ve only read tutorials with a Bomber application in Qt5 - and it works on my device)?

Thank you very much for your answers which will allow me to move forward on this project.