Ubuntu Core, Raspberry Pi and Qt


How to run a Qt app on the Raspberry Pi ?

I have a project for which I am trying to chose a technology, my first preference is QML, its a kiosk for the most part. Its supposed to run on a Raspberry Pi. I want to know is the technology there and can I rely on it for a product ?

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If its a kiosk-based project and you are interested in running QT, you would do well to check out Mir and mir-kiosk. @greyback and @alan_g can point you in the right direction.

The example you should look at is:


This is exactly what you describe: Qt apps in a kiosk.

There used to be instructions for installing this here:


but that is 404 just now. <edit>This article is now here: https://developer.ubuntu.com/core/examples/snaps-on-mir</edit> You can probably work out the bits you need from here:


as I based the blogposts on the instructions. (I’ll try to track down what has happened to the original instructions.)

The Mir snaps are currently only on “edge” but we are working through the final details of supporting them going forwards.


Hi all.
If I understand correctly, Canonical won’t to use Mir and will use Wayland? Version of the package will not be mir-kiosk but wayland-kiosk? Or will they work in the same?

mir-kiosk is maintained and going on to exits (there are canonical customers using it) … it might switch to the wayland protocol in the backend at some point but for us as user or developer making use of mir-kiosk this wont make any difference…

since wayland is only a protocol, a “wayland-kiosk” snap wouldnt make any sense :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, Canonical won’t to use Mir and will use Wayland?

The default window manager for Ubuntu Desktop will be Gnome (and that will default to Wayland where possible). But with Ubuntu Core the supported graphics stack is Mir.

This is coming back soon, here’s the relevant Pull Request - you can see the content (albeit not nicely formatted) over here.

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We also need a guide on how to build a simple qt app snap to run on the RPi. This will enable us to start experimenting with different app ideas.

there are the mir-kiosk-apps that should outline this … (they were originally mentioned/linked in the removed page above in the past)

The formatted version is here.

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What if I don’t even want to hear about Mir - all I want is to run single Qt EGLFS app. Is there any sample snaps for that?