Ubuntu core kernel restarting after 30th October

I and my team were building ubuntu core on Ubuntu 20 and it was working perfectly fine. We were able to do SSH install new snaps and everything was working as expected but after 25th Oct If I am building the new image with the same source code and everything is the same my kernel reboots continuously.

I have tried to boot my old image again and that works absolutely fine. But new build images aren’t anymore on the same hardware with the same configuration.

I really don’t know how is it possible and what are the new packages ubuntu updated in last few days but because of this we are in complete dead lock,

If anyone is facing the same issue or faced it previously please help us.

Can you provide more information about what kernel snap you were using and also just in general the set of snaps on the Ubuntu Core device? I also moved this topic to the #device category where more folks might see this.

I have noticed sometime if you are pulling the git source from the default “master” branch instead of a specific commit hash or release you stand the chance that someone may have committed a recent change to the repo. This is true for all scripts that pull from a git repo … not just snaps. You can review the kernel git commits. In most cases the kernel branches are marked with a specific version but that may not be true for all git repos. You can review the repos commits, that might give you a clue.