Ubuntu-Core Desktop/Raspberry Pi

I have “snapped” Core22-desktop to the RPI, but how is it executed?

$ snap info core22-desktop|grep type
type:    base

this is a base snap, you will need to build an UbuntuCore image with it, this is nothing you “just install” on top of another system, but is actually designed to be a root file system for a standalone image.

I go back to the days of SCO, so admit Ubuntu-Core and all its parameters is a bit like learning a foreign language. What does not make sense to me is the instruction: sudo snap install core22-desktop --edge, which is currently installed in Ubuntu-Core, nothing further is specified. But it turns out this is not the case but rather the image has to be built on the host machine using the snap tools which will replace the existing Ubuntu-Core image. Is this correct? core22-desktop 20230713 222 latest/edge canonical✓ base

Where did you find the install instructions ( I could well be wrong with my understanding of core-desktop) ?

https://snapcraft.io/install/core22-desktop/ubuntu. Which currently resides on the Ubuntu-Core OS.

This is a base snap, not a snap you can just install on another system. The metadata should be updated to make that more clear. When Ubuntu Core Desktop is released, there will be a well documented way to install the OS.