Ubuntu Core 20 randomly fails to boot and asking for recovery key

Hello everyone.

We purchased at our company several units of the BXNUC10i3FNH NUC. We are installing Ubuntu core on it and using it as a part of an embedded system. Our installation process is as follows:

We first upgrade the BIOS as specified in the intel support website. Then we install the Ubuntu core as specified in the Ubuntu core website.

The bios is configured to:

  • power up when plugging the NUC into the power,
  • the secure boot is enabled as standard mode.

The installation completes successfully, and the NUC works flawlessly for some time.

The issue is that after an ungraceful shutdown (which happens randomly, most of the time when an ungraceful shutdown occurs it doesn’t happen), the ubuntu core boot is stuck at “please enter the recovery key for disk <LONG_DISK_NAME>” (which we don’t have, we have never inserted it, it is configured by itself).

After a few minutes, the message is changed to “cannot recover key: the platform’s secure device is unavailable: the TPM is in DA lockout mode” (images for both messages attached).

And that’s it, we cannot unlock it, and we don’t know why it happens.

Image attached.

The only thing we can do is to reinstall Ubuntu core, but all the data that was on the NUC will be lost after reinstalling.

Does someone know why it may happen and what we can do to prevent it from happening?

Thanks, Daniel.

The person who’s most familiar with secbure boot isn’t on the forum. Can you file a bug in launchpad and leave a link here? I’ll ask them to take a look.

Hey mborzecki, As requested:

Thank you for your support.

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