Tutorial fails due to missing file

I would like to create a Snap, but first I must learn about the process, so I tried the tutorial, it fails due to a missing file. Obviously I don’t know how to fix this - see first sentence second paragraph :slight_smile:. Can anyone help?

chris@Dell-DXP051:~$ sudo classic Creating classic environment Parallel unsquashfs: Using 2 processors 12189 inodes (13511 blocks) to write

[========================================================================/] 13511/13511 100%

created 9635 files created 1469 directories created 2465 symlinks created 79 devices created 0 fifos cp: cannot stat ‘/run/resolvconf/resolv.conf’: No such file or directory chris@Dell-DXP051:~$

Which tutorial are you following?

You’re on a laptop? In which case I expect you’re not running Ubuntu Core, but rather a desktop Ubuntu release with snapd included. If I’m correct, then running classic is unlikely to be expected to work because you already have a classic system. You should skip the “If you are running Ubuntu Core” section and skip down to “Installing Dependencies”. This appears to be a defect in the documentation. Someone will fix this, I’m sure. cc/ @Wimpress @popey

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Is there actually a defect in the docs? If you’re on Ubuntu Core then that first section is right.

I think it’s confusing where the sentence before that section explicitly singles-out “If you are on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or Ubuntu 16.10, getting all the required tools is very easy.”

Ah, that’s fair. Maybe just swapping the two sections on the first page might be enough?

I think that would resolve the issue, yes.

I think Ubuntu Core would be better off as its own tutorial. Especially since this is an intro tutorial, how many people would actually be doing this on Ubuntu Core anyway? Keeping it simple and straightforward should be a priority with a tutorial at this level.


You’re on a laptop?


Well, your prompt looks definitely not like you are on an UbuntuCore device, the classic snap exists to allow UbuntuCore devices to gain access to apt/dpkg for development. On a non UbuntuCore device you already have access to these tools available on the host system so it is not expected that you run the classic snap on such systems…

Are you saying that I can miss out this step then?

yes, only “If you are running Ubuntu Core” (as the caption of the paragraph says) this is needed …

I think @popey is correct here, we should flip the paragraphs …

OK. This bit of the tutorial needs rewriting then! I have no idea what Ubuntu Core is, so the question was completely meaningless to me and I just went on to the next stage as I didn’t know what else to do.

If the tutorial is to be usable it can’t introduce other concepts that the user won’t understand. There should be some command there which tests whether the user is running Ubuntu Core, then tells them what to do depending on their answer.

On that topic, what should I do next? At a guess, it’s

$ sudo apt update

Installing dependencies

Now simply run:

$ sudo apt install snapcraft build-essential

exactly … and from the next page on it is completely generic (nothing Ubuntu Core specific anymore there)

OK, I’ll carry on. Someone needs to fix that bit of the tutorial though.
I gave up on trying to create a Debian package because the documentation kept introducing further concepts I didn’t understand and probably didn’t need to know. I didn’t want to make Debian packaging a hobby!

It’s worked as far as the end of the tutorial.

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