Try to install my snap in "non" devmode

Good morning,

i currently try to run my snap without devmode. To get more infos while installing and starting the app, i use snappy-debug.

Snap version image

1.) And snappy-debug suggest me, to use the process-control plug, which i have already defind in my snapcraft.yaml, what is here the issue!?

2.) While iam runing the app with snap , i get some erros. i can not debug, but i have the sources to see in which 3 cases the error could come from:

  • Create a Dictionary /run/myapp for pipes!?
  • Using fork() to create a child process
  • call functions mkfifo or open it.

so do i neea addional plugs !? for this

Thank you

P.s. with devmode everything is working

did you also connect the plug after installing your snap ?

good question, how i connect the plug?

using the snap connect command after you installed your snap … see snap help connect (and i recommend looking at snap help in general …)

Thank you, that means i have to “manually” call snap connect , after installing!? i thougth, wenn ich define the plugs, my app will have automatically have the capabillties regarding the plugs semantics?

the “Process-control” is a snap implicit slot right!? i guess connect is only needed if i have slots to other snaps?