Trouble updating snaps on Raspberry Pi OS 11


I have experienced this issue with Raspberry Pi OS 10, and now 11, on a Raspi4. On a fresh install of Raspberry Pi OS 11, I’ve installed snapd following the Debian instructions:

I am now trying to refresh a snap but snapd is not seeing the latest available snap. Instead it’s showing an older list of available versions. For example, I’m trying to install the “rocketchat-server” from the 5.x/stable track, but I get:

error: snap “rocketchat-server” is not available on 5.x/stable but is available to install on the following tracks:

   latest/stable  snap refresh --stable rocketchat-server
   4.x/stable     snap refresh --channel=4.x rocketchat-server
   3.x/stable     snap refresh --channel=3.x rocketchat-server
   2.x/stable     snap refresh --channel=2.x rocketchat-server

   Please be mindful that different tracks may include different features. Get more information
   with 'snap info rocketchat-server'.

If run “snap info rocketchat-server”, it doesn’t see the 5.x versions that are available but instead lists older versions instead. There is a 5.4 available:

Any idea how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance.

5.x is not available for arm devices like your raspberry pi. On the rocket chat page you linked, click on the channels/versions thingy to explore architectures and see which releases are available for each.

It would be up to the snap’s publisher to build and release for those architectures.

  • Daniel

Ah, got it. I didn’t realize that the developer needs to release for each architecture. Yes the versions available here for ARM64 match what I’m seeing on the device. Thank you very much for this info.