Transfer snap ownership


I’ve uploaded a new snap yesterday:

But I’ve done that with my individual developer account. I need to get the ownership changed to my company’s dev account.

My dev ID: 06DSn7cJ4NZ7HzqGo8nbYn4GfICoyM6M

Company dev ID: FnDzWk3tlcB2nE8rqpWQUgPoH8Wja4g6


Can you please add the intended recipient as a collaborator to the snap and have them accept the invite they’ll receive by email? This allows us to verify authorization and intent. Please let me know once this is done and I’ll complete the transfer.

  • Daniel

Consider it done, sir! Thank you for the explanation, the email is already added as collaborator.

The transfer is now complete :wink:

  • Daniel

Thank you very much! Have a nice new year.