Transfer Request: bastet

Hi. I want to ask the transfer of bastet (currently on beta) to snapcrafters. No one has reported bugs so it is time to go for stable.

Also, I contacted the upstream developer and he replied:


I am happy with you keeping control of the package in the Snap store. Many thanks for your work in packaging Bastet as snap and your involvement. I owe you one!


So, he does not seems interested in maintain the package himself and the package will be listed for snapcrafters for ever.


EDIT: The template says to ask @popey , @elopio @javacruft or other admins to fork my repo into, and configure the repo for automatic publishing into edge on commit

So… any news about this? Is there something else when asking the name to be transferred?


Alternative proposition: Create a team account for upstream and add yourself to it as a contributor. Maybe upstream will accept that.

That way, upstream has better control if they want to in the future, the appearance is a little more professional and lastly, you can still maintain it from your personal account.

Hi, please add the intended recipient as a collaborator and have them accept the invite, let me know when done and I’ll do the transfer.

Let me understand.

  1. Create an account for bastet and myself as a contributor to that account . Something like “Bastet Team”?

  2. Then you will transfer the snap to that account and I can still collaborate

  3. Upstream can reclaim that account later?

  4. Ask him if he wants the upstream account in the store?

You said you wanted to transfer the snap to snapcrafters. Please add Snapcrafters as a collaborator to your snap and have them accept the invite. This allows me to confirm intent from both parties, which I can’t do here in the forum as I can’t positively verify that your identity here is the same as in the snap store.

Team accounts don’t exist and I would prefer, if upstream is interested in maintaining the snap, that they themselves create their account (possibly something that refers to the project). Then we can transfer the snap to them if you prefer that.

  • Daniel

Does this really need to be under snapcrafters?
What’s the goal?


I thought that since the name was reserved for upstream, this was the way to contribute. Since the developer do not want to maintain it and he says that is ok if i maintain it…, I do not know what to do now…

Should I make an account for upstream (the developer name?, the software name?) and put myself as contributor?

Or I can put in the descripition “Official build by Alejandro Vera”?

I don’t recommend this, as I said above: inheriting an account they didn’t create themselves may actually be unacceptable for some upstreams.

The usual is for you to maintain the snap under your personal account, and if/when upstream want to take over packaging, they can create an account for the project and you transfer the snap there.

  • Daniel

Great!!! I will do that.

I felt obligated to transfer the name now since the name was reserved for developer and you gave it to me.

I will tell him about this today. thanks

One last question: When it is ok to ask to transfer a snap to snacrafters? (I mean, when I snap an app that is not mine)

Great question!

Snapcrafters was initially made as a place for us (Snap Advocacy and wider community) to collaborate on snaps where the upstream developer doesn’t want to or cannot support the snap, for whatever reason. Ideally each would get migrated out to the upstream as and when they’re ready and willing to take it on. Examples of this include VS Code (now code) and IRCCloud-Desktop (now IRCCloud) which we no longer maintain as the upstream took them over.

I am not averse to new software landing there, I’m just adverse to it becoming a big dumping ground for snaps. :smiley:


Thanks for the explanation. Maybe you can update the snapcrafters post. I will publish the app in my account and talk to upstream… he will be pleased



Bastet is now in the stable channel and the author listed me as the official packager for snaps

Thanks for all the advice. Now I will focus on liferea and a couple more of snaps in my queue :smiley: