Transfer ownership request, from personal to team account

Hello, I would like to request the ownership transfer of the snaps listed below from my personal account to a team account, namely Ubuntu Robotics Community.

The snap are:

  • gazebo
  • ros2-cli

  • ros-foxy-desktop
  • ros-foxy-desktop-dev
  • ros-foxy-ros-base
  • ros-foxy-ros-base-dev
  • ros-foxy-ros-core
  • ros-foxy-ros-core-dev

  • ros-humble-desktop
  • ros-humble-desktop-dev
  • ros-humble-ros-base
  • ros-humble-ros-base-dev
  • ros-humble-ros-core
  • ros-humble-ros-core-dev

  • ros-noetic-desktop
  • ros-noetic-desktop-dev
  • ros-noetic-robot
  • ros-noetic-robot-dev
  • ros-noetic-ros-base
  • ros-noetic-ros-base-dev
  • ros-noetic-ros-core
  • ros-noetic-ros-core-dev

  • turtlebot3c
  • turtlebot3c-core

Sorry for the lengthy list.


Phew, these were quite a few. The ownership of all snaps has been transferred to ubuntu-robotics-community except for:

  • ros2-cli
  • turtlebot3c
  • turtlebot3c-core

which don’t have any collaboration invites. Could you please add the intended recipient as a collaborator to these three snaps and have them accept the invite? Let me know once this is done and I’ll complete the transfer for these three as well.



Thanks a bunch!

I’ve updated the collaborators list for the three remaining snaps.


This is now done for the 3 remaining snaps as well.



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