Transfer of ownership for Glimpse Image Editor

Hello everyone! This is my first message on this forum, so I hope I am following the instructions here correctly: Stepping Down Gracefully | Ubuntu

Heather Ellsworth did an amazing job bringing Glimpse Image Editor to the Snap Store. We maintain the metadata she and Ken VanDine created on our development, beta and release branches and successfully pushed 0.1.0 and 0.1.2.

It has now been a month since we released 0.2.0 and I have been unable to contact Heather about changing the release branch from glimpse-0-1 to glimpse-0-2, updating the screenshots or getting download stats. It has also been six months since we released 0.1.2, so we are having to consider rolling out patches for 0.1.2 just to support 10,000+ Ubuntu users currently running the Snap version of the software.

If someone else is able to pick up the Snap and make these changes that would be brilliant. Otherwise, we in Glimpse project could take ownership and start maintaining it now that the initial setup work has been done.

Please let me know what I need to do to verify identity, etc. :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

Bobby Moss (Creator of the project, and member of the Glimpse governance team)

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I would need for either @hellsworth or @kenvandine to add you as collaborator to the snap, I can then perform the transfer if that’s how you’d like to proceed. Cheers!

  • Daniel

Okay, we’ll see if they respond to this forum post.

In the meantime, I guess we’ll have to work on patches for 0.1.2 so we can eek out its useful life. If we don’t hear anything in the next few months then we’ll have to come up with other ideas.

Edit: We’re now also tracking this here:

Hi @roadmr thank you for helping out! I’ve added you and @trechnex as collaborators.

Currently the snaps build from the glimpse-editor project in launchpad. Just a little bit of work is needed to update these releases and then ideally @trechnex (as a collaborator) could go to and connect it to the github repo, and establish automated builds without using launchpad.

When I tried to build 0.2.0 a few weeks ago, the build failed and I had moved onto something else and just forgot about it. Taking another look now…

The transfer is now complete, enjoy!

  • Daniel