Transfer name MarkText to Snapcrafters from NucciTheBoss

Hey there! After a little over a month of being in beta, I have promoted the MarkText snap to stable! As such, I am requesting the transfer of the MarkText name on the snap store to the Snapcrafters from NucciTheBoss. Please let me know if there is any other information that you need.


Please let me know once snapcrafters accept the (pending) invite to collaborate, since I need that to verify their authorization, then I can perform the full transfer.


  • Daniel

Hey there @roadmr! Wanted to revisit this thread.

For some good news, the MarkText snap has hit over 500 installations. As such, I want to get this snap transferred to the Snapcrafters name. I sent a resent a collab invite to snap-advocacy, but @Igor said he never got the invite no matter how many times I sent it.

Do you think we could get MarkText transferred to Snapcrafters if Igor approved the request here? You can confirm my Snapcrafter membership here.

Thanks for the help!

This is done.

  • Daniel

Thanks Daniel! Much appreciated!